An icon with the description: 100% electric transportation

100% electric transportation

An icon with the description: Unmarked Nissan E-NV 200

Unmarked Nissan E-NV 200

An icon with the description: Load space: 1.9m L x 1.5m W x 1.36m H

Load space: 1.9m L x 1.5m W x 1.36m H

An icon with the description: No congestion charges in London

No congestion charges in London

JD Art Transport is a friendly and reliable service providing van transportation for all fine art, sculpture and installation pieces throughout the UK to and from the East Midlands. Established early 2012 and used by artists, students, galleries and universities.

We currently use an unmarked Nissan e-NV200 fully electric van, which is small enough to minimise access problems but generous and versatile enough to accommodate a variety of load options.

Being fully electric our transport produces Zero Emissions so you can be sure that we are working towards a cleaner world and offer the most environmentally friendly option. This makes us particularly suitable for city deliveries, including the heart of London. Our vehicle is exempt from both the Congestion Zone charge and the Ultra Low Emission Zone charge, keeping prices low for you and achieving cleaner air.

The internal load space is approximately 4.0 cubic metres with up to 1.9m length x 1.5m width (1.22m between wheel arches) x 1.36m height. The maximum load is 700 kg. Rear and side loading is available.

There are a variety of anchor points and plenty of straps available to secure any load shape. Numerous reusable eco-friendly blankets are also always available for added protection.

All works should be adequately protected for transport by using appropriate packaging, such as art bags or bubble wrap, paying particular attention to corners, which may require additional padding.

3D pieces may be best transported in a cardboard or wooden box if they are small. If there are any special requirements for handling your particular work please let us know and we will ensure that it is handled appropriately.

If you require us to provide a packing service as well as transportation please let us know and we'll be pleased to quote you for that also.

Every piece of information you submit when requesting a quote is transmitted to us over a secure connection (using SSL). This data is sent to a service called Mailgun, a trusted Mail Sending service, which is then sent on to our email address. The data does not touch a database at any point, and only hits our main Gmail Inbox. We will keep the details of this job in our email for as long as it takes to process the job to the standard you would expect. We keep the details of that job for up to 1 year for our accounting purposes. We never sell any information on to third-parties and never plan to, your details are safe with us.

We will take great care of all works in our possession, but we do not accept liability for loss or damage to any works during loading, in transit or unloading, however caused. Artists are entirely responsible for insuring their artwork.

We are happy to discuss our reasons for this policy.